Gas Logs

There’s nothing like the warm feeling from sitting around an open fireplace and watching the flames dance. Gas logs replicate the beauty of a wood fire with the convenience and cleanliness of gas. They are not sold as a heat source although they can throw out quite a bit of radiant heat similar to how a real wood fire would feel . They are primarily used for their aesthetic value and ease of use. There are many different types of burners just as there are different logs in different wood species. The more contemporary looks include glass, gems, or nuggets and rocks. Gas logs also come in many different sizes so it is important to come prepared with fireplace measurements when you shop for them.

There are two types of gas logs on the market today. Vented and Vent Free. Both have their positive and well as their negative points. With vented gas logs the damper is permanently clamped open during the installation by a gas plumber. In this case it makes sense to also install a glass door to cut down on any heat loss while the logs are not in use. The doors must be opened when the logs are burning. The flame is usually large and white and yellow and robust in vented logs and very realistic.

With vent free logs the damper is allowed to remain closed. They can produce an odor and the bi product of combustion is moisture so there are stricter guidelines when it comes to installing vent free logs. They tend to throw more radiant heat than vented logs which is often a selling point but the flames tend look more bluish which also makes them more efficient. There is much to consider when selecting gas logs.

  • convenient and clean
  • many styles and sizes available
  • less expensive than an insert
  • operated by remote control
  • available in either natural gas or propane

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